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Updates and Things

So you all may have noticed the server having tons of instability over the past week or so.  Well, I moved everything up here to vegas and unfortunately the Modem/Router combo supplied to us by Cox Communications is really, really crappy.  It is consistently dropping packets all over the place, whether it be Teamspeak, personal gaming, or broadcasting.  Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do.

Today, however, we are going to go exchange the combo for a dedicated modem, and hopefully that will fix a lot.  Expect service disruption one more time during the day as we take the modem back to Cox and exchange it for a new one. Services should be down for at most 3 hours… depends on the line @ the Cox store.  Also expect it to be sometime around midday-early afternoon.

I will post in Teamspeak chat before we leave to take care of this.  As always, use the FTB Teamspeak as a backup.


“I just don’t know what went wrong…” – Derpy Whooves

I’ve been told the server is offline.  I won’t be able to check and/or restore services until I get home.

Expect services restored by 7:00pm GMT-8 (-ish).

I wish I knew what went wrong.

EDIT: So apparently when I switched off of Cloudflare back to Namecheap’s DNS servers, I forgot to add to the DNS records.  This has been rectified and all domains/subdomains should be working properly.  I apologize for the inconvenience of the oversight.

Planned Server Downtime

I have been notified of issues arising at the dedicated location that will require me to take the server offline for an extended period of time.

Planned Downtime

  • OFF: January 28th, 2014 @ 8:00am GMT-8
  • ON: January 28th, 2014 @ ~1:00pm GMT-8
  • Reason: Electrical work @ server location.
  • Alternate IP:
      • Only Teamspeak will be available at this new IP. All other services will be offline for the duration of the outage.

Server Outage

As of 2:45pm GMT-8, all services have been suspended due to a power outage at the server location.  Construction workers were SUPPOSED to shut off the electricity for a short time on Tuesday but it never happened.  I am currently at work and have no way to remotely turn the server back on, nor do I know if power has been restored.

Thanks to Firestorm for notifying me of the outage approximately 60-90 minutes after it happened.  Like i said, I was at work, so I had no knowledge of the outage.  I am working on trying to get the server restored as soon as possible.  My father will be going to the house around 3 or 4pm GMT-8, so hopefully this will be the latest it’s turned on.  I guarantee services will be restored by 7:30pm GMT-8 pending no further interruptions.