Server Outage

As of 2:45pm GMT-8, all services have been suspended due to a power outage at the server location.  Construction workers were SUPPOSED to shut off the electricity for a short time on Tuesday but it never happened.  I am currently at work and have no way to remotely turn the server back on, nor do I know if power has been restored.

Thanks to Firestorm for notifying me of the outage approximately 60-90 minutes after it happened.  Like i said, I was at work, so I had no knowledge of the outage.  I am working on trying to get the server restored as soon as possible.  My father will be going to the house around 3 or 4pm GMT-8, so hopefully this will be the latest it’s turned on.  I guarantee services will be restored by 7:30pm GMT-8 pending no further interruptions.

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