Teamspeak Server Changes

In order to accommodate the most users I can, I have decided to reduce the security level of the Teamspeak server to 8 (default) and then put a password on the server.

I have heard multiple complaints from users on my stream as well as elsewhere that mobile users can’t join unless they create an identity on a PC, then export it.  For some people this is an unreasonable expectation since they don’t always have access to a computer.  Unfortunately, it’s not something Teamspeak is going to fix anytime soon.

Also, I have some users who often invite people onto Teamspeak when they jump into a matchmaking queue on games such as League of Legends.  The time it takes to generate a sufficient security level takes only 3-5min on most computers, but can take significantly longer on some toasters that users have.

It is with both of these reasons that I’ve dropped the security level and added the password.

If you want to join our Teamspeak server, feel free to take a look at our Services page for Teamspeak.  All the information you need is on there.

Thanks again!

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