Updates and Things

So you all may have noticed the server having tons of instability over the past week or so.  Well, I moved everything up here to vegas and unfortunately the Modem/Router combo supplied to us by Cox Communications is really, really crappy.  It is consistently dropping packets all over the place, whether it be Teamspeak, personal gaming, or broadcasting.  Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do.

Today, however, we are going to go exchange the combo for a dedicated modem, and hopefully that will fix a lot.  Expect service disruption one more time during the day as we take the modem back to Cox and exchange it for a new one. Services should be down for at most 3 hours… depends on the line @ the Cox store.  Also expect it to be sometime around midday-early afternoon.

I will post in Teamspeak chat before we leave to take care of this.  As always, use the FTB Teamspeak as a backup.
IP: teamspeak.feed-the-beast.com

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